A Culture of Excellence

Dericative Hedge culture, technology, and platforms empower our investment teams to perform at their very best. By hiring a diverse group of ambitious, innovative, and deeply knowledgeable individuals from all backgrounds, we are able to generate more creative and profitable investment opportunities for our clients

We blend unparalleled knowledge and financial discipline with an entrepreneurial spirit and engineering mindset based on over two decades of investing in enterprise software. See what sets Derivative Hedge apart.

Innovative Approach Exceptional Results

As we have progressed, we have created a unique atmosphere that is unlike any other Investment firm. We foster a cooperative atmosphere that allows a variety of professionals/entrepreneurs to reach their maximum potential. From our advantages to our career advancement initiatives, we prioritize people. Today, our investment platform encompasses a variety of strategies, including Equities Long/Short, Macro, Equities Arbitrage, Credit, Commodities, and Growth Equity. Drawing on the expertise of our team members in different industries, asset classes, regions, and markets, we are able to identify lucrative investment opportunities that benefit our clients. To learn more, explore our website.